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Flexible, Hard-Working, Creative … A Team of Dedicated Individuals

Led by principals, partners and brothers Yianni Karapanagiotis and Peter Karapanagiotis, along with  partners  Nickolaos Goutzouris, George Brannon, Brandon Stickle and Ben Scola, we are a group of operators, managers, and strategists who advise in all aspects of the restaurant and hospitality industry. We operate with top results and we love to teach what we know. We’re successful because we’re hands-on and have collectively been in the restaurant and hospitality consulting business for over 50 years. In short, when clients hire our team, they benefit from our depth of knowledge.

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When you work with us, we steward your restaurant or hospitality business to success and profitability. Whether you’re a one-unit company or a 300-location concept, when you need to improve, grow, transform or just wish to bring an idea through development, our experience meets your needs.

Our team of operators, chefs, and systems experts have the talent and experience to maximize profit, mitigate risk, and guarantee results by offering our customized services for any category of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Below is a sample of what we offer. For our full scope of services, click on any of the menu items above.

  • Improved profitability through improved and enhanced operating systems

  • Top-to-bottom operations and enterprise review and adjustment

  • Menu development, analysis, and enhanced menu design for better brand positioning

  • Culture and talent transformations for more efficient and effective operations

  • Our talented food & beverage consultants are present to support pre-opening, post-opening or turnarounds

  • Complete project management for turn-key, efficient delivery

Fee Structure

Engaging with us is truly risk-free because all fees are guaranteed and tied to tangible results and measurable profit impact. Because we work from a variety of fee structures, you can choose just how much of our expertise you want to apply to your business.

We start with a detailed conversation on your concerns, issues, problems, successes, and conditions of your business. Then we provide you with a comprehensive proposal that outlines our full understanding of what you need, with the appropriate approach or project plan, scope of services, timeline, and budget so expectations are transparent and the money you invest in our work garners the results you seek.


Food & Beverage Consulting

We’re Arbiters of Good Taste

Our world-class team of operators, chefs, and eaters have the experience and talent to help you with anything food & beverage related. From menu development and analysis, to complete menu makeovers and developing a set of recipes that align with your brand, we know how to cook up solutions that are right for your business.

To us, food is a medium. And we’re experts in understanding its structure. We know how to study it, experiment with it, and craft ingredients and flavors to match any concept. With much more than just naming dishes on a menu, our chefs work with clients to develop new items, provide recipes, costing analysis, sourcing insight and direction, and train kitchen teams on preparation and service procedures so your guests can enjoy the best of what you have to offer.

Menu Concepts

While you are running your business, our team of seasoned operators, executive chefs, and systems experts will work behind the scenes to develop an innovative restaurant menu design to launch your concept to the next level of profitability and rave reviews.

We understand that there should be intentional strategy behind the development of a menu concept that takes many different factors into consideration, including:

  • sourcing of ingredients, purveyors, and product partner relationships

  • equipment needs to prepare menu items to exacting standards

  • cross-utilization of ingredients and foods to balance costs and make preparation efficient

  • stacking of day parts and menu options for flexibility and service to your target guests

  • understanding seasonality and how it can positively affect menu offerings

Beyond that, once you’ve got an overall menu concept that conveys the brand and your vision, the next critical step is knowing how good menu design – the pages that your guests will hold in their hands – is a mix of information, temptation, education, psychology, and action.

Front of House Services & Systems

Restaurant guests interact with front desk hosts, servers, bartenders, and other service staff most often, so shouldn’t you have the best systems, procedures, training, reviews, and standard operating practices in place?

We position staff and align systems to optimize your relationship with your guests, enhancing and improving the experience from the reservation to the guest check transaction.

Take the transition from a good restaurant to a great one (and a more profitable one at that).

New Restaurant Openings

A new restaurant launch requires many resourc­es and a detail-oriented focus that can tax any team. To get through the critical opening phase, we create strategic operating structures to help get you from A to Z.

From site selection to driving guests in the door, we see the big picture. Our training templates, side-by-side support, and performance evaluations ensure a smooth opening. While our insight on vendor selection and negotiation skills help keep our clients’ bottom line on target, and ready to achieve optimum profit benchmarks by day 59.

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